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Build a kickass L&D team.
Scale your content and processes.
Optimize the L&D function at your organization.

The truth is - most training and eLearning sucks because it isn’t useful.

That's where we come in. We don't just exist to help other L&D professionals become more useful - we work with teams and founders and L&D leaders from all different industries to help them build, scale, and optimize their training, talent development, and customer education teams.

We have over two decades of combined experience working as internal L&D professionals, consultants, freelancers, and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, like aerospace, telecommunications, health insurance, retail, tech, and more.

With the support of some of our most talented L&D friends in the industry, we help you create learning experiences (or come up with solutions that have nothing to do with training) that are relevant for your learners AND the organizational strategy.

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